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The PQH Group was created in 2000 by Maurice Pasquier in order to manage its affiliates. This strategy has been successful for more than 15 years, and in early 2017 the company resumed its status as a pure holding company. The PQH Group is now made up of nearly 300 employees and it is subdivided into 4 divisions.






PQH Groupe

The PQH Group companies are active in the fields of packaging (cardboard and paper, plastic, thermoplastic, rubber), of watchmaking, of micro-electronics, and of building automation and services.

Our divisions

The PQH group’s companies are active on the Swiss and European markets, in a variety of industrial fields. They have all been the subject of an atypical career path and an acquisition by the PQH Group.


In 2017, PQH Holding SA regained its status as a pure holding company and created Antama SA in order to offer its management services to external companies.
Having taken over the management activities of PQH Holding SA, Antama SA has more than 15 years of experience in the management and administration of Finance, Human Resources and Information Technologies.


With long traditions in the field of packaging, our companies are today particularly trained for the development and implementation of innovative projects.
Following the merger of two historical companies, Cafag SA and Plaspag SA, our company Cafag&Plaspaq SA is now specialized in the development and creation of injected products (plastic and thermoforming) and cardboard.

Moreover, by using its own tools it can offer unlimited flexibility.

Our company, Walke AG, has been dealing with paper for 130 years and is active in the development of coating, lining, laminating and paper manufacture.

Our team has a technical expertise and an extensive professional network.


Thanks to its initial experience in plastics, the group is further developing its skills and has been investing in rubber materials since 2008.

Based in Switzerland and Italy, our company, Mestel SA, is specialized in the transformation of rubber and has adopted a leading position in the creation of bracelets for the biggest watch brands.

Its competence goes beyond the watchmaking field and is particularly adapted to high quality requirements (e.g. jewellery, telephony, medical).


Our strategy of development in cutting-edge sectors has led us to invest in new technologies to meet future needs. We are active internationally and are constantly seeking to improve our infrastructure.

Our company, Aptasic SA is dedicated to a niche sector, specialising in the testing of specific integrated circuits (ASIC).

It offers tailormade solutions, or those that can be adapted as needed. Its operational activities are accompanied by process controls in order to offer the highest level of reliability.

Building automation, a matter of course! Since 2004, our small team has specialised in the integration of control and regulation systems (MCR and BMS) for building services and industrial processes.

It already designs for the largest renovation and construction projects in French-speaking Switzerland.



Our industrial properties and land are close to urban centres and are ideally located for development. We are active in various real estate projects and have made this a new strategic activity within the PQH Group.


The PQH Group was built on a model of participation and acquisition of new companies. We wish to continue with this vision and actively contribute towards the success of start-up projects and value-added companies. Nous souhaitons continuer sur cette vision et participons activement dans des projets de start-ups ou de sociétés à valeur ajoutée.


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