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About us

The PQH Group has been founded in 2000 by Maurice Pasquier in order to oversee his affiliated companies. 

The PQH Group, which today employs over 300 employees, owns 8 companies operating in the industrial, real estate and service sectors, spread across Switzerland Italy and Germany.

The PQH Group, establish on a model of acquisition and a participation, continue this vision by actively investing in new technologies and value-added companies.


The companies

PQH Group companies are represented in the luxury goods, packaging, microelectronics, building automation and services sectors.

Antama SA

Antama SA, with an experience in the management and administration of finance, human resources, information technology and marketing, represents a important support to the Group companies.

Aptasic & Bluetest Testservice

Aptasic SA in Switzerland and Bluetest Testservice GmbH in Germany are specialized in the test of electronical components and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). They operate in a niche sector, offering turnkey or customized solutions according to customer requirements.

Cetec SA

Cetec SA is specialized in the integration of control and regulation systems (MCR and GTC) for technical building installations and industrial processes. It is involved in the biggest building renovations and constructions project in French speaking part of Switzerland.


Mestel established in Switzerland and Italy, Mestel is renowned for the development and manufacture of rubber products for the luxury market, in particular watchmaking and fashion.


Walke With the integration in 2021 of Cafag SA, a company within the Group, Walke SA is now renowned as a leader in the paper, cardboard and thermoforming industries.

Cafag & Plaspaq

Cafag & Plaspaq SA is the owner of buildings used by the companies in the PQH Group. Its mission is to manage this real estate and develop it to meet the needs of the group's industrial companies. It also carries out real estate developments for rental or sale as condominiums, and buys some investment properties to build up its real estate portfolio.


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